Our work aims at promoting human rights. We implement the Right To Education Act of 2009 and fight child labour and corruption. We run projects and programmes in the following areas:

We run a school for children from all backgrounds to fight illiteracy and to contribute to society in Dum Dum, Kolkata. The North Point Day School has received the blessing of Mother Teresa in 1994 and offers education from play group until high school. The level of fees and the pace of learning are adapted to the situation and needs of each child.

Disabled Children:
Children with all types of learning difficulties and disabilities including Autism, Cerebral Palsy and mental retardation are integrated in our work and projects. A special focus lies on offering a separate education section where special educators support the children. We are also proud to be the first NGO providing inclusive teaching where fully developed children and disabled children benefit from each other by being taught together. We are associated with the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and in 2012; we completed a seminar offered by Manovikas Kendra on how to teach children in an inclusive set up.

Street Children and Children from Backward Classes:
We collect funds and organize events for street children, such as visiting pandals during Druga Puja and sport competitions. We fight child labor by working closely together with the parents and the former employers of the concerned children. The children and their families are offered support and free education.        

To promote the interests of young and motivated adults we organize conferences. Our Youth To Parents conference aimed for instance at connecting different generations and allowed the youngsters to stand up for their ideas. We are currently developing company partnerships to provide training and employment for youngsters.

Regular family planning sessions are offered and women approach us in case of urgent matters. Our help line is available for them.

To integrate elderly with limited mobility and missing family support, we take care of them and accompany them on different occasions, such as shopping or medical visits. Birthdays are celebrated together.

We offer free medical treatments and eye check-ups for all age groups in our community. Yearly blood and medicament donation events are organized by our NGO. Campaigns to promote a healthy life style are carried out.

We aim at creating environmental awareness and at teaching society how to protect our precious environment. The Hi5 project (bin litter, stamp dengue, recycle, practice hygiene, conserve energy) as well as the distribution of paper bags are current examples of our work to minimize society’s environmental impact.

Teach has launched a global internship program with international interns from all around the world to support the institution to further
 increase the quality services provided to schools. All interns working at TEACH NGO will get free stay in Kolkata and a holiday in Kerala